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Two years into the project, IMPACTPapeRec consolidates efforts to increase separate paper collection in Europe

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Join us on 24 January 2018 for the final conference of theIMPACTPapeRec project , a two-year EU-funded project set up to improve the separate collection of paper for recycling. It will be organised at the Committee of the Regions premises in Brussels, Belgium.

The conference will take place from 9h00 to 13h15, followed by two workshops in the afternoon, one for municipalities and one forentrepreneurs. You can download the conference programme here.

Don't miss the chance to hear the outcome of this very special project that involved 19 partners from across the value chain!

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Save The Date

November 2nd 2017
Prinzhorn Group prepares ground for Turkish paper mill project


February 21st 2017 "Deutlich mehr Altpapierimporte - Rekordquote beim Recycling"


February 1st 2017
Key figures for European waste management
The Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat) has published an overview of comprehensive data, including the waste management, in the publication
"Key figures on Europe | edition 2016".

Read the relevant chapter from this publication (PDF/EN)...

Read more on the bvse website (DE)...

January 24th 2017
IMPACTPaperRec Project Conference and Networking Informative Meeting
IMPACTPaperRec invites you to join the Project Conference and Informative Meeting to be held on 24 January 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. Join both events to learn more and share your ideas about increasing the separate collection of paper for recycling in Europe!
See the conference programme. There are limited seats available. Register now...

IMPACTPaperRec is a European Project to further increase the separate collection of paper for recycling and promote appropriate schemes to avoid landfilling and incineration.
Read more on the IMPACTPapeRec website.

October 10th 2016
Document shredding service of SCH-Ozon has been created


July 26th 2016 "Altpapierqualität – eine Herausforderung für die gesamte Altpapierkette"


July 15th 2016 First newsletter of IMPACTPapeRec
The European project IMPACTPapeRec was launched in Valencia in February 2016.
The objective of the project is to further increase the separate collection of paper for recycling (PfR) and promote appropriate schemes to avoid landfilling and incineration.


May 12th 2016 "Die RPT-Schwelle aus Recyclat ist in der Tat flüsterleise"


March 9th 2016
"European Week for Waste Reduction announces finalists of the EWWR awards"


February 28th 2016 "Plastik-Entsorger stöhnen wegen Ölpreis"
Niedriger Preis für Öl bewirkt, dass Plastik-Recycler ihr Granulat nicht mehr
kostendeckend verkaufen können


February 9th 2016
Hamburger Recycling as Partner of European CEPI Project:
"Boosting the Circular Economy: European project to promote separate
paper collection launched"


November 26th 2015
"Hungary’s paper tiger grew using innovation with hard, honest work"


May 8th 2015
Announcement: Acquisition of remaining shares of Hamburger Recycling ENS
We are pleased to announce the acquisition of the remaining shares of
Hamburger Recycling ENS d.o.o. as of May 8th 2015.

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HPNA - New moisture measurement system

PDF download HPNA - Moisture measurement system (short description)

(Please find the new moisture measurement infoletters for businesspartners, suppliers and drivers in our  DOWNLOADCENTER.)

HRG - Trade and collection quantities in 1.000 tons 2007 - 2015

Hamburger Recycling Group aims to grow constantly with special focus to extend the quantities from own collection.

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