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International Prinzhorn Group

Donation to the area affected by the earthquake

Sympathizing with the residents in Sisak-Moslavina County (one-hour drive from the depot in Croatia), who were hit by an earthquake of 6.4 Mw on 29th of December 2020 (7 people died), HR Croatia decided to help at least one family.

Their house was damaged by the earthquake and is no longer safe to live in. Family Protulipac from Glina was delivered a container house, dimensions 6055 x 2435 x 2591 mm, with all necessary furniture, hydro-thermal insulation, electric heaters and air condition. Since the area is constantly under impact of weaker earthquakes, HR Croatia thinks that their help will be a great benefit for the family Protulipac. They can finally sleep more peacefully and safely and live their life as normal as possible. 

The employees feel proud to be part of a team that makes a real difference to the life of those in need.

We will.