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Holistic approach to sustainability.

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La Roche-Posay

Caring for the planet is caring for our skin.

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Reduce its impact on environment 

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Future Made Better

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Environmentally – conscious sun care

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Never compromise on luxury

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Armani Beauty

New thinking for a new era

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Garnier & Leaping Bunny program 

Cruelty free brand

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L'Oréal Professionnel Paris 

Better future

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More Power To You,
Hair transformation

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Everyone Belongs and Everyone Is Welcome 

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News & Useful informations

5 tips to make recycling from your bathroom easier

5 tips to make recycling from your...

Recycling probably matters to you, including in your bathroom. But with so many different kinds of packaging, you might end up feeling confused and...
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Can products be recycled with their lids?

Can products be recycled with their...

Recycling comes naturally to you and you almost feel like you know everything about it. “Almost” because something is still bothering you - the lids....
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How to recycle your hygiene and beauty product packaging?

How to recycle your hygiene and beauty...

So now that you’re fully committed to recycling like a real pro, you still need to figure out where to throw each piece of hygiene and beauty...
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Waste sorting: what specific advantages for the planet?

Waste sorting: what specific...

Sorting waste has already become a part of your daily routine, but it bothers you that you don’t know what impact it really has. And yet, your efforts...
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