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Holistic approach to sustainability.

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La Roche-Posay

Caring for the planet is caring for our skin.

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Reduce its impact on environment 

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Future Made Better

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Environmentally – conscious sun care

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Never compromise on luxury

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Armani Beauty

New thinking for a new era

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Garnier & Leaping Bunny program 

Cruelty free brand

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L'Oréal Professionnel Paris 

Better future

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More Power To You,
Hair transformation

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Everyone Belongs and Everyone Is Welcome 

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News & Useful informations

Plastic packaging: the L’Oréal brands’ commitment to eco-friendly practices

Plastic packaging: the L’Oréal brands’...

Because it’s not always easy to go zero waste in your bathroom, the ideal eco-friendly solution is the one used by L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care...
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What recycling symbols do you find in your bathroom?

What recycling symbols do you find in...

You can see a whole bunch of recycling symbols on the back of your cosmetic products. Because you encounter them so often, you eventually get the...
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Should I rinse out my beauty product before recycling?

Should I rinse out my beauty product...

You sometimes hear that it’s important to clean plastic or glass packaging before recycling, but is it true? Myth or true necessity? Here is the...
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L’Oréal supports sustainable development with its packaging

L’Oréal supports sustainable...

The L’Oréal Group has been committed to designing packaging that is as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible since 2007. By 2020, 100% of the...
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