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Armani beauty – New thinking for a new era

Armani Beauty has designed MY WAY with a clear focus on using responsibly-sourced natural ingredients, guaranteeing their sustainability through a series of programs that support underprivileged and economically fragile communities.

An eco-designed perfume, from packaging design to product launch.

A bottle that’s designed to last…

- 55% of glass

- 64% of plastic

- 75% of metal

- 32% of cardboard

The glass in both the bottle and its refill are recyclable, as are all the elements of the vaporizer, which can be recycled separately.

With its recyclable flacon and its use of recycled materials, MY WAY supports the move to a more circular economy and gives consumers the chance to make an informed choice in favor of the environment.

Aside from the product itself, Armani Beauty aims to reduce its environmental impact by firmly establishing sustainability in the design of the materials used at its points of sale and by its distributors. This includes the use of paper and cardboard that are certified as being sourced from sustainable forests (FSC/PEFC), along with the use of recycled materials and the reduction of energy consumption.


* 1x150ml + 150 ml refill vs 4x50 ml. generating less waste