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Can products be recycled with their lids?

Recycling comes naturally to you and you almost feel like you know everything about it. “Almost” because something is still bothering you - the lids. Can the products you recycle be recycled with their lids? If the answer is no, where should they end their life? We tell you everything!



Plastic bottles and their caps can be thrown into the same recycling bin but they won’t be recycled together. Once they arrive at the recycling facility, the whole bottle (i.e. the bottle and the cap) is ground into flakes then plunged into water to wash away any impurity. In the water, the cap flakes made from high density polyethylene will float on the surface, while the bottle flakes made out of polyethylene terephthalate will sink as they are heavier. Each type of flake will be collected and recycled separately. The same applies to pump caps.


All plastic can be recycled, right? WRONG! Plastic jars which contain for example your body creams or your hair masks cannot be recycled for now. So you should throw both jars and lids into the household waste bin.


Glass jars are sometimes home to your scrubs or your moisturizing creams. Of course, the glass jars can be recycled just like any of your glass bottles. But it’s very important that you remove their lids, which you can recycle separately if they’re metal (in the yellow bin).

So, it’s not that complicated, is it?