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HR Polska during Covid-19

Hamburger Recycling Polska Sp. z o.o. organizes work in a way that ensures safe and hygienic working conditions, responding to safety needs and adjusting actions taken to improve the current level of health and life protection, taking into account the changing working conditions.

Facing the spread of the corona virus, the company provides employees with disposable protective equipment and hand disinfectants, and issues appropriate recommendations for employees indicating how to proceed in the event of the SARS-CoV-2 virus threat, including contact with other employees, customers or the need to avoid crowds:

  • HR Polska enabled its administrative employees to work remotely, providing them with all the necessary equipment and technical support, and implementing MS Teams as communication software
  • The team has introduced rotational working hours (one person in one room). In departments where daily presence in the office is a must, a weekly rotation plan was developed, and it was ensured that employees were available during normal working hours and meetings were carried out as planned, but without personal contact (telephone or digital media).
  • They have developed and implemented a new correspondence flow process, agreed with Poczta Polska (Polish Post).

The company in Poland sees itself in the privileged position as employer who is able not only to maintain the continuity of processes and uninterrupted work mode, but even to obtain a positive summary of the past months, all thanks to the exceptional commitment of its employees, for which they are deeply grateful!

We will!