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PaperSpike: New investment in Budapest

More effective sorting of cardboard on the sorting line

The company decided to make the paper sorting line more efficient by increasing automation at its Budapest site. As a result, more valuable types of materials can be selected at less cost.


As part of this development, a paper spike equipment - manufactured by Grumbach - was installed between July 06th and 20th, 2020.


The PaperSpike is a system for removing A3 to A5 sized cardboard residue that has been left behind in the paper flow after the screening of cardboard and used paper.

The principle is surprisingly simple and yet totally effective. The material is spread out into a thin layer and fed into a rotating disc roller that is equipped with spikes. The paper, which has very little strength, is not retained by the spikes and falls through. The cardboard on the other hand, is spiked, transported to the cardboard extraction belt and removed from the spikes via a striker shaft. Together with the PaperSpike, optical weighing units will be installed on both ends of the sorting line.