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Team Building Event II

Modern times come with modern challenges! Locked down and isolated in their homes, the humanity welcomed the second quarter of the year.

Though, in the comfort and coziness of their homes the colleagues of HR Bulgaria faced the lack of social contacts and communication. The home office became the new daily routine. They felt the lack of every day “Good morning” and seeing familiar faces in the office.

The retraction of the strict Covid-19 measures shows that it’s been time to breath fresh air among the nature and recharge the human batteries with positive emotions and energy to come back to the office. The idea for a team building event - filled with physical and social activities - was warmly welcomed by the whole team.

To reinforce the corporate spirit and identity there were branded hats, t-shirts, badges and backpacks distributed to the employees.

The organized quest game definitely revived the adventure spirit in each and all of us. The game forced the strongest sides of us - to think creatively, communicate and act as a team. ... and as it usually happens in adventures after the victory, there is always a feast at the end.

Preparing the meal was part of the team building as well. Using the available food, the team had to create lunch. Though they were tired after the three-hours-adventure in the forest, they shared out the cooking tasks with a smile and in a good mood. The men took up the barbecue and the ladies prepared salads and dessert.

With challenging riddles, tiring walk, delicious food, teamwork and great mood all colleagues from Bulgaria found their balance.

We Will!