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International Prinzhorn Group

Efficiency, reliability and growth – this is the vision for Plovdiv depot.

We will achieve this vision with good team, management and equipment.

During the last two years HR Bulgaria worked hard on building a motivated team of professionals, as well as strong management capacities. The team expanded at the market, optimized the processes, and started a gradual replacement of the equipment. They bought a new forklift and a multilift truck and now it is time to replace the old baler.

For the past three years, Bulgaria has made two major repairs of cylinders, guides and pumps. The main body has been welded and strengthened many times. Nevertheless, the baler’s condition got worse with each new produced ton.

Interruptions for maintenance became daily routine and costs for repairs doubled over the time. Thus, they had to start a replacement of the old baler  with a new one.

HR Bulgaria has collected positive impressions about MAC brand from the baler in Sofia depot. Therefore, the choice fell on a MAC 107/2

MAC 107/2 has a strong and solid construction: 

  • Weight of 23 tons
  • Pressing force of 95 tons
  • production capacity of 60 tons per hour.
  • full automatic

It can be used for baling paper for recycling, as well as LDPE, HDPE and PET.

During the installation the team kept the old conveyor, which was in a good condition. The connection of the press to the conveyor was discussed in advance with the manufacturer of the new press and was performed  flawlessly.

This investment is a positive sign for all employees at HR Bulgaria:  A declaration for growth as well as reliability of the offered services and expansion of the market share.

We are Hamburger Recycling, We Will