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International Prinzhorn Group

CSR – Joint Project of Prinzhorn Group’s Hungarian Factories: Paper Awareness 2021

The joint activity of Prinzhorn Group’s Hungarian factories (Hamburger Hungária Kft., Dunapack Kft., Hamburger Recycling Hungary Kft.) is exemplary in Hungary: they have proved their well functioning, close relationship with numerous joint press appearances and performances at exhibitions.

Knowledge will be distributed through creative materials created with the help of the “Positive Adamsky Agency”. These will be handed out among selected schools close to the headquarters and sites of the 3 companies, hopefully in the spring 2021:

  1. Paper chairs and selective containers – With the logo of the 3 divisions and their unique recycling circle design, manufactured by Dunapack;
  2. Educational presentation – In PPT format, about 25-30 slides;
  3. The Path of Paper - Documentary Short Film – A 20-minute film shot by a young influencer at the sites of the 3 companies, posted as a video blog on YouTube;
  4. Short film summarizing the campaign: Detailed video starting with the chairs rolling down from the production line, ending with them being personally delivered to the schools;
  5. Press releases in the media: Announcement about the educational campaign and the donations to schools, as well as data-based statements, interviews.

The main message of the project would be to emphasize for students that their active involvement (by collecting the waste selectively and by participating in the paper collection in their school) greatly contributes to maintaining the cycle of paper and thus to achieving a more sustainable future.

We are counting on them!