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Disposal of waste without being utilized in the recycling and recovery processes causes serious resource losses in terms of both - material and energy. The increase of the population and living standards in the world results in higher consumption. This exploitation of natural resources disrupts the balance of the world. Therefore, in recent years, zero waste implementation studies have become widespread in the individual and corporate activities, all over the world.

With regards to the necessity of establishing and managing zero waste management systems, a Zero Waste Regulation has been published and put into force by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

This regulation aims to protect the environment, human health and all resources in waste management processes in line with the principles of sustainable development.

Advantages by grounding on the zero waste approach are:

  • Increase in productivity,
  • Increase in performance thanks to clean environment,
  • Reduce in costs as the wastage is prevented,
  • Ensuring the reduction of environmental risks,
  • Ensuring the employees to have a "sensitive consumer" feeling thanks to the development of environmental protection awareness
  • Ensuring that the institution has the title of "Environmentalist" in national and international markets - increasing its reputation in this way

Zero waste management system consists of the steps mentioned below. According to these steps, it has been implemented in our HR Turkey Bornova warehouse.


1. Creation of the Zero Waste Team:

A team has been established, responsible for development, effective and productive implementation and monitoring of the zero waste management system.


2. Planning:

Waste composition, its quantity, source, characterization, collection methods and waste storage area management have been determined.

Planning has been made with regards to how, when, and by whom the collection, transportation, temporary storage and implementation has to be carried out.

In particular, indoor and outdoor boxes were placed to common areas such as offices, dining halls, smoking areas, in order to collect recyclable waste such as paper-cardboard, metal, plastic and glass separately at the source. These waste materials are collected daily and included in their own recycling process.

In addition, for the hazardous wastes arising from maintenance and repair activities, 1000 m3 containers have been placed in front of the maintenance workshop in order to separate the wastes according to their types.

The wastes collected within HR Turkey are gathered in their "Temporary Storage Area" designed in accordance with the Waste Management Regulation. "Temporary Storage Permit" was obtained from the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization on October 16th 2020

3. Training and Awareness Raising:

The provided collection equipment has been placed at easily accessible points for the personnel, is emptied at appropriate intervals, and all the blue and white collar personnel was trained on the "Zero Waste" concept.

4. Reporting – Monitoring:

To grant the effectiveness, the implementation is reported and evaluated by the monitoring teams.


HR Turkey’s next goal is to obtain the "ZERO WASTE CERTIFICATE" from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.