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Hamburger Recycling Adria d.o.o. was established in 2012 and has its headquarters in Koper (Slovenia). We are located in Koper (Prade) in business premises of 100 m².


Values of the company integrity

We respect the highest ethical principles and good business practices. We operate in accordance with the law, applicable guidelines and recommendations, as well as the internal rules of the company.

Our services aim at meeting the needs of each individual customer with excellence, based on modern knowledge.

Adaptability and flexibility
Our services are tailored to the customers' needs. They are achieved through an innovative approach and a lean organization.

We are distinguished by great responsibility for the undertaken obligations and arrangements, and for the social and natural environment.

Teamwork and respectful attitude towards colleagues
The quality of our services is the result of the work of individuals and excellent expert groups. We value different skills, experience and the views of our colleagues. Diligence, honesty, commitment and knowledge are thus the values we believe in, and they have been confirmed through the results of the company's development, as well as the satisfaction of our loyal customers.

Business Strategy

The company is engaged in the “Trade with waste plastics, paper and metals (including mixed metals)”, which also represents the extent of certification.
The basic business strategy of the management and of all employees is differentiation. We want to be trustworthy and highly professional in everything we do. This means that we carry out high-quality services for which assume responsibility.


Focusing on customer satisfaction

We are aware that the performance of the company depends on several factors and we thus correspondingly build business on trust, transparency and the satisfaction of our customers and employees.
We are driven by long-term satisfied customers and all interested parties who work with us in our business environment. We are a small team within a large system that invests heavily in the training and development of its employees.

Behind the scenes of Hamburger Recycling