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Welcome to Hamburger Recycling Hungary

Hamburger Recycling Hungary Ltd. (earlier Duparec Paper Collecting and Processing Ltd.) constitutes the Hungarian member of Prinzhorn Group together with Hamburger Hungária Ltd. and Dunapack Ltd..

Hamburger Recycling Hungary

Hamburger Recycling Hungary Ltd.
Duna u. 42.
1215 Budapest

Phone: +36 1 278 8661
Fax: +36 1 278 8672
E-Mail office.hungary(at)


About Hamburger Recycling Hungary

The company has been continuously operating and developing since 1994 and has been growing steadily both in terms of quantity or quality. From year to year it is available to its customers with more and more collected waste, high quality services and competitive prices. Now in the field of paper recycling Hamburger Recycling Hungary Ltd. has reached the most determining position in the market and simultaneously also the plastic material flow shows a strong growth.



László Panyi
General Manager

György Barcsik
Head of Finance and Controlling

Mária Karczub
Head of Sales and Purchase

Madarász Csaba
Chief of Logistics

Our Locations

Hamburger Recycling Hungary Ltd. – BUDAPEST DEPOT (headquarters)


1215 Budapest, Duna u. 42.
Phone: +36 1 278 8661
Fax: +36 1 278 8672

The largest Hamburger Recycling Hungary Ltd. site is located under the registered seat of the company, at the H-1215 Budapest, Duna utca 42. address. These premises are on the site of the former Csepel Paper Mill, where Hamburger Recycling Hungary Ltd. operates together with Dunapack Ltd. in a large real estate owned by the Prinzhorn Group.
The Hamburger Recycling Hungary Ltd. site occupies almost 20,000 m2 operational space, in an orderly, customer-centric facility, and includes good general infrastructure. This area is basically divided into two parts the paper and the plastic waste pre-treatment and processing area.

Both operations are performed in separate halls and incorporate the installed semi-automatic sorting lines and automatic baling machines. The sorting lines were manufactured and installed by the German company BAVARIA, while the baling machines were built by the Italian company MAC Presse.

The technology operating in the production halls and the on-site infrastructure were installed and commissioned within the framework of the large-scale modernisation works between 2015 and 2017. Thanks to recent investments having been completely subsidised by the owner, Hamburger Recycling, and, above them, the Prinzhorn Group, the whole site was rearranged and renovated. The operation processes and the storage areas of the site became a lot more transparent, the paper sorting capacity was extended and the plastic waste capacity significantly increased – and now in 3 shifts operation, more than 1000 tons can be processed each month.

As a result of the overall development, the Csepel site can process the incoming waste more efficiently. This ensures higher level services for the public utilities regarding the sorting and pre-treatment of the various paper and plastic waste collected selectively in trash bins and bags. Owing to the efficient sorting process, good quality baled recycled materials, i.e. without disturbing contamination, are baled for further utilisation.

With the state-of-the-art fleet of multi-lift, platform, garbage and walking floor trucks, the company can offer reliable logistical solutions to deal with incoming materials, whether they are baled or in bulk or if this is waste material from the compactors installed by and working within the partner company itself.

Zsolt Ferenczi
Purchase Manager
Mobile: +36 30 601 9076

Commercial department
Phone: +36 1 278 8666

Péter Horváth 
Transport Organiser
Mobile: +36 30 630 9460 (Mon-Fri: 07: 00-14: 00)
Freight orders are primarily accepted in writing at the contact details provided above, with a copy to logisztika(at)

Ádám Dőry
Production manager
Telefon: +36 30 436 0720

Imre Kakuk
Head of Operations
Mobile: +36 30 337 5639


Hamburger Recycling Hungary Ltd. – MAGLÓD DEPOT


2234 Maglód, Wodianer Ipari Park 2.
Post address: 2234, Maglód, Pf: 47.
GPS: 47°448676, 19°377189

Waste processing activities at the Wodiáner Ipari Park (Wodiáner Industrial Park), Maglód have been running for decades. As a first step, in 2014 the owner of our company acquired a part of SCH-Ózon Ltd, a company operating here, and became the 100% owner of the company in 2016. This company merged into Duparec Ltd. on 31st December 2017 to unite the business potential of the four sites: Csepel, Maglód, Lőrinci and Inota.

The development of the easily accessible site located next to the M0 highway has remained a high priority for us in recent years. In 2013, the site was completely transformed and renovated with an investment of almost EUR 1 million. At that time, the office block, the vehicles and the production facilities were all renovated.

In 2015, technological modernisation work was started. During this process, a new paper waste sorting line was installed, which included a high-quality printing and office paper waste sorting line, a high capacity PAAL baling machine and a covered paper storage facility, all costing around EUR 1 million.

Since 2016, another high-capacity Presona baling machine has been operating at the site to ensure the necessary baling capacity and to guarantee operational stability.

The confidential document shredding department at this site offers a closed loop service for the shredding of confidential documents in a separate area, complying with the related demands of the customers and also with related regulations. In addition to paper, the site also deals with the intake of plastic packaging waste and cash-on-delivery receipts from individuals. The materials received are typically transported from their points of origin by our own truck fleet.

Mária Kissné Kovács
Purchase Manager
Mobile: +36 30 547 1312

Brigitta Antoniné Palotási
Transport Organiser
Mobile: +36 30 545 7619 (Mon-Fri: 07: 00-14: 00)

Freight orders are primarily accepted in writing at the contact details provided above, with a copy to logisztika(at)

Tamás Halász
Depot Manager
Mobile: +36 30 181 9358

Imre Kakuk
Head of Operations
Mobile: +36 30 337 5639



Hamburger Recycling Hungary Ltd. – LŐRINCI DEPOT


3021 Lőrinci, Belterület 1488/4 hrsz.
Post address: 3021 Lőrinci, Pf.: 2.
Fax: +36 37/588-014
GPS: 47°42’46, 19°40’41

Our site in Lőrinci, next to the Power Plant, has been a traditional site for the intake of paper and plastic waste from across the region. Our special field of activity is the intake and the processing of various industrial and technical waste and of redundant stock. We also make high-quality plastic granulates using our plastic waste grinders as required. Our main market is the Eastern Hungarian region where we cooperate with industrial and commercial entities, schools and public utilities, and we always hope to link up with and offer our reliable services to new clients. We have set up the right kind of infrastructure at our site; Paal baling machine, multiple plastic waste grinders, material handling devices and our own truck fleet. Weight measurements are performed on a certified 60 tons platform scale.


  • PA
  • HDPE
  • PP
  • PS
  • PC
  • ABS
  • PVC
  • POM and other technical polymers




Cintia Jéger
Transport Organiser
Mobile: +36 30 412 4967 (Mon-Fri: 07: 00-14: 00)

Freight orders are primarily accepted in writing at the contact details provided above, with a copy to logisztika(at)

Szabolcs Gyarmati
Depot Manager
Mobile: +36 30 553 8930

Imre Kakuk
Head of Operations
Mobile: +36 30 337 5639

Hamburger Recycling Hungary Ltd. – INOTA DEPOT


8100 Várpalota, Külterület 198/9 hrsz.
Post address: 8103 Várpalota 3, Pf.: 1.
Fax: +36 88/372-326
GPS: 47.190074,18.19963

At our site close to Highway 8 and opposite the INOTAL aluminium smelter, we receive paper and plastic waste of various quality and composition. Primarily, we perform collection from the Western Hungarian region, around the Székesfehérvár-Veszprém axis. This Duparec site is equipped with a state-of-the-art, high-capacity Paal industrial baling machine, a sorting line and a paper shredder. For the sorting, further handling and professional storage of the materials, we have sufficient holding area available here. The incoming and outgoing materials are weighed on a certified 60-ton platform scale and we assist our regional partners by having our truck fleet available to assist with related transportation.


Péter Gazdag
Depot Manager 
Mobile: +36 30 862 3225 

Máté Magda
Purchase Manager
Mobile: +36 30 265 4737 

Katalin Papp-Csöndes
Transport Organiser
Mobile: +36 30 657 5815 (Mon-Fri: 07: 00-14: 00)

Freight orders are primarily accepted in writing at the contact details provided above, with a copy to logisztika(at)

Imre Kakuk
Head of Operations
Mobile: +36 30 337 5639


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