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Hamburger Recycling Hungary Ltd. applies successfully the latest technologies of waste collection and guarantees the ongoing receipt of all kinds of waste paper suitable for paper production.
At its four locations (in Budapest, Maglód, Inotán and Lőrinci) it offers a direct opportunity to takeover of paper and plastic waste for recycling regardless whether you are a private household, a private entrepreneur or you represent an institution, a commercial unit or a factory.

In addition -under the auspices of the NHKV (National Waste Management Company), in cooperation with local governments and public utilities- the collection and pretreatment of household paper and plastic waste collected selectively has led to more and more partners and increasing quantities. 

The company's important and reliable service is the document-shredding, whereby confidential documents are shredded to a standard size (in accordance with the applicable laws) which can be followed by the client personally.

Our main partners

  • Printing houses
  • Manufacturers of packaging products
  • Municipalities, schools
  • Industries
  • Commercial units
  • Waste trading companies
  • Individual collectors
  • Other sources

Our main services

  • Waste treatment such as sorting, pressing, shredding
  • Fixed or flexible collection and transport to our treatment facilities
  • Provision of appropriate containers for individual requirements and waste compositions
  • Customized solutions
  • Destruction of confidential files and documents
  • Creation of recovery proofs
  • Organization of school collection and events raising environmental awareness

Asset Rental


  • Open containers (20 – 30 m³)
  • Roll over bins from 240 l – 5,5 m³ (1100L)
  • Press containers (30 – 32 m³)
  • Vertical balers (MK 400, MK 2500, LOGOPRESS 3000)
  • Screw compactor (SSC)