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Collection of packaging waste separately at source

Within the scope of "Regulation on Control of Packaging Waste," published in the Official Gazette of 27/12/2017 No. 30283, packaging waste that is collected separate by the waste producers are brought by taking with our licensed special-coated vehicles, after separating according to their types they are dispatched to recycling facilities.

Collection of non-hazardous waste

Within the scope of "Notification on Some non-hazardous Wastes Recovery," published in the Official Gazette of 17/06/2011 No. 27967, non-hazardous waste that produced by non-hazardous waste producers, are taken from the points where they were produced by our vehicles. They are brought to our collection-separation certified facilities, according to the types of waste; they are decomposed into pieces and then pressed and dispatched to recycling facilities.

Education and Information Studies

Waste producers where we do business in areas of, are informed about the activity of separate collection at source.
Different methods of training and information are applied according to the characteristics of the target group. During the educational and informational activities, the purpose of the separate collection at source, the benefits of participation and how they can make the application is conveyed to waste producers.

Environmental Consulting Service

In accordance with the provisions of "Environmental Permit and License Regulation" published in the Official Gazette of 10/09/2014 No. 29115, Environmental Consulting Services that are empowered by T.C. Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, is indicated below.

  • Taking the writings of out of scope opinion,
  • Within the scope of environmental legislations, detection and reporting of non-conformities,
  • Education and Internal Inspections
  • Taking the Provincial Directorate of letter of compliance,
  • Taking the Temporary Operating Certificate,
  • Taking the Environmental Permits and Licenses.

Waste Management Service

  • To determine the codes, amounts and types of waste which are produced as a result of the activities of waste producers,
  • To determine recovery and disposal methods of the hazardous/non-hazardous waste/packaging waste which are produced as a result of the activities of waste producers,
  • To make plans to establish defined area in company field for storing of produced waste in accordance with the environment legislation,
  • To support in making the notifications and declarations done by waste producers who is obliged to do within the framework of the relevant waste regulations,
  • To create a special waste management plan for waste producers

Hazardous Waste Transport Service

Within the scope of the "Communique on the Transport of Waste on the Highway" published in the Official Gazette of 20/03/2015 No. 29301, hazardous waste that result from producers of hazardous waste, are transported to recycling / disposal facilities with our licensed vehicles.

Archive Document Destruction

Expired archive documents that are taken from public institutions and corporations, government offices, banks, private companies are brought to our facilities in accordance with the privacy policy, after shattering in shattering units that are designed for this service, they are baled and dispatched to recycling companies to be made paper pulp.

Waste Collection Equipments

  • Containers
  • Interior Boxes
  • Compactors
  • Baling Machines
  • Closed Circuit Collection Systems
  • Paper Cutters